The Disappearing Illusionist

Dirk Ohm - Illusjonisten som forsvant


While on the road, German illusionist Dirk Ohm (August Diehl) finds himself mixed up in the search for a missing girl in northern Norway. Soon, Dirk begins to envision the girl in his fantasies and in the loneliness of his hotel room, he finds himself giving in to the illusion of their love. To Dirk, she is more real than anything else.


This is the feature film debut from director Bobbie Peers. His short film SNIFFER won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. Inspired bytrue events, THE DISAPPEARING ILLUSIONIST is set in a magical and poetic landscape. The story challenges our perception of reality; who we are when we are present and who we are when we are gone.


“The film can be compared to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, but with a Norwegian wintery charm that will fascinate international audiences.” 
Cinema Scandinavia

“Visually striking” - The Hollywood Reporter

Norway 2015


Bobbie Peers


Bjørn Olaf Johannessen

Production company

Mer Film