12 dares

12 bragder


Fuad (aka Food) just turned 16, the age where nothing matters more to him than his friends. Growing up together in the run-down housing development of southern Ryd, they know that the number one rule between buddies is loyalty. But when Fuad breaks this rule he suddenly finds himself alienated by those he holds most dear. Desperate and alone, he is willing to do anything to be accepted back.

His mates suggest that he do some “Hercules shit”, a series of 12 dares to prove his loyalty to the gang. But unlike the heroic deeds given to Hercules by the Greek gods, Fuad´s challenges have him robbing houses, stealing cars and fighting the meanest local thug. As he blindly embarks on these 12 “misdeeds”, he is slowly lead down a path that takes him farther and farther away from the things that end up mattering most; his family, his real friends and the girl he loves.


12 DARES will be the second feature film from director Izer Aliu. The film is currently in post-production.


Norway, Sweden


Izer Aliu


Izer Aliu

Production company

Zentropa International Sweden


Mer Film, Storyline