What Will People Say

This will be the second feature film from director Iram Haq (I Am Yours, 2013). Production will begin in Autumn 2016.

Fifteen year- old Nisha lives a double life. At home she obeys the traditions and values of Pakistani family life, but outside with her friends she is just like any other westernized Norwegian teenager. One day, Nisha´s two worlds brutally collide when her father catches her in bed with her white, Norwegian boyfriend. 

Nisha is kidnapped by her parents and sent to live in Pakistan. At first, Nisha feels alone and afraid in the strange, new land, but then slowly she starts to discover her parents culture in a new way.

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY is an emotional story about love and courage, and about finding your own way. It is also a complex story about the love between parents and children, trying to understand both sides.


“The story of WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY is my most personal so far. When I was 14 years- old, I was kidnapped by my own parents and forced to live for one and a half years in Pakistan. Based on my own experiences, I have waited until I felt ready as a filmmaker and as a person to be able to tell this story in a wise and sensible way. That is to say, without making the girl appear as just a victim and her parents as merely her perpetrators. I want to shape this film as an impossible love story between parents and their child; one that cannot have a happy ending as long as the gap between these two cultures remains so wide.

I want to put the audience side by side with Nisha and her emotions throughout the journey of watching the film. WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY will be a beautiful and poetic film, but at the same time the brutality of what Nisha goes through needs to be at the core of the storytelling”.

Director: Iram Haq

Screenplay: Iram Haq

Producer: Maria Ekerhovd/Mer Film

Co-Producer: Rohfilm Factory (Germany)

Format: Feature film

Genre: Coming of Age/Drama

Language: Norwegian, Urdu

Distributor: Mer Filmdistribusjon

Sales Agent: Beta Cinema

Supported by: Norwegian Film Institute