Mer Film was founded by producer Maria Ekerhovd in 2011. Located in Bergen and in the far northern city of Tromsø, Mer Film’s ambition is to develop and produce Norwegian and international art-house films by directors with a personal artistic vision. We are proud to have attached some of Norway’s most exciting filmmaking talents, including Ole Giæver, Iram Haq, Gunnar Vikene and Bobbie Peers. We have also collaborated on a number of international co-productions, working with critically celebrated filmmakers such as Carlos Reygadas, Thomas Arslan, Wim Wenders and Amat Escalante. Our films have screened at some of the world´s top film festivals, including Toronto, Berlin, and Karlovy Vary, as well as countless others across the world.

In 2015, we expanded our mission and Mer Filmdistribusjon was born. As a new distributor of worldwide cinema in Norway, Mer Filmdistribusjon handles the Norwegian release of titles both theatrically and on VOD. Mer Filmdistribusjon looks to champion films from emerging talents who are telling stories in a distinct and compelling way that will engage audiences and resonate within our time and world.

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Georgernes Verft 12
5011 Bergen

Org no. 998 263 123 (Mer Film i Vest)


MER FILM AS (Tromsø) 

c/o Tvibit
Parkgata 27/29

Org no. 996 953 556 (Mer Film AS)


Maria Ekerhovd, Producer
+47 95 18 81 18

Øistein Refseth, Distribution & Sales
+47 93 66 52 39

Siv Dyb Wangsmo, Chief Financial Officer
+47 41 43 66 82

Ragna Midtgard, Producer
+47 97 65 73 59

Elisa Fernanda Pirir, Producer
+47 90 73 59 74

Axel Helgeland, Executive Producer
+47 90 18 38 92



A MARRIAGE  (Short, dir. Henning Rosenlund 2011)

I AM YOURS  (Feature, dir. Iram Haq 2013)

AMASONE  (Short, dir. Marianne Ulrichsen 2014)

THE SANATORIUM  (Short/Documentary, dir. Therese Jacobsen 2014)

OUT OF NATURE  (Feature, dir. Ole Giæver 2014)

HERE IS HAROLD  (Feature, dir. Gunnar Vikene 2014)

THE DISAPPEARING ILLUSIONIST  (Feature, Bobbie Peers 2015)

CRYING MAN (Short, dir. Jorunn Myklebust Syversen 2016)

CONTROL  (Short, dir. Henning Rosenlund 2016)

TRACES  (Short, dir. Marianne Ulrichsen 2017)

FROM THE BALCONY  (Feature, dir. Ole Giæver 2017)

THE TREE FELLER  (Feature, dir. Jorunn Myklebust Syversen 2017)


12 DARES  (Feature, dir. Izer Aliu)

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY  (Feature, dir. Iram Haq)

MOBIL (Short, dir. Truls Krane Meby)


THE GOOD DOCTOR (TV-Series, dir. Gunnar Vikene)

THE SECOND SEX (Feature, dir. Katja Eyde Jacobsen)

A NEW DAY  (Feature, dir. Marianne Ulrichsen)

RUSTNING (Short, dir. Marius Myrmel)


THE QUIET ROAR  (dir. Henrik Hellström, prod. Idyll 2014)

CATHEDRALS OF CULTURE  (dir. Wenders, Glawogger, Madsen, Redford, Olin, Ainouz, prod. Neue Road Movies 2014)

HEDI SCHNEIDER IS STUCK  (dir. Sonja Heiss, prod. Komplizen Film 2015)

EVERY THING WILL BE FINE  (dir. Wim Wenders, prod. Neue Road Movies 2015)

THE UNTAMED  (dir. Amat Escalante,  prod. Mantarraya 2016)

WHERE LIFE IS BORN (dir. Carlos Reygadas, prod. Mantarraya 2017)

BRIGHT NIGHTS (dir. Thomas Arslan, prod. Schramm Film 2017)